Case Study of Adenosine after Long Term Cannabis Use.

Case Study of Adenosine after Long Term Cannabis Use.


Natasha Burns


I had an amazing result with the neurotransmitter Adenosine last week and wanted to share the case with you all!  


I have been working with a gentleman in his 40s for the last 18 months.  We will call him Sam.  Sam came to me originally with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, suspected Lyme disease, suspected chronic Epstein Barr, he was unable to work and sleeping a lot.  Sam was also working with a Kinesiologist so we were able to monitor how we were doing with muscle testing.

The blessing with this case is that Sam was super committed to his health and even during the 18 months when he felt significantly better he still wanted to continue with treatment and keep detoxing everything we possible could. 

We had made great improvements, detoxing childhood, travel, covid arm thingys, detoxing steroids, antibiotics, clearing Epstein Barr and Borrelia. Sam's energy was so much improved, he was working again, happy, fulfilled, it was getting harder and harder to pick the support remedies for him as he was very nearly in great health. 

But there were lingering symptoms that were just not shifting, he was sluggish, groggy, fatigued, needed at least 10 hours of sleep a night, and generally felt his fatigue was not normal.  

Sam had been a heavy user of cannabis in the past. We had already completed cannabis detoxes which interestingly had been the hardest detox for Sam.

Just by chance I googled which neurotransmitters are affected by cannabis and found mentioned about adenosine.

  • Cannabis may make you sleepy by suppressing arousal and increasing sleep-promoting adenosine.


What is adenosine?

In the brain adenosine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This means, adenosine can act as a central nervous system depressant. In normal conditions, it promotes sleep and suppresses arousal. When awake the levels of adenosine in the brain rise each hour.


As Sam felt sleepy all the time I felt this was absolutely worth trying! We completed an 8 week rebalance of Adenosine in potencies 30C -10M



'I feel really good, so much better than I have in years, I am waking in the morning really alert, my brain is firing at at least 90%, I am making plans.  Before I was groggy to wake up, wasn't able to process.  I do not have have the deep sluggish sleep any more,  I am awake straight away in the morning.'

I am sure you will agree this is a wonderful result and Adenosine is an extremely useful remedy for those with a history of cannabis use.  

Have you come across this neurotransmitter before?  Please let us know your experiences and we will add it to this blog!  



Adenosine is available in potencies  3C - 10M

Code ATP 




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