Discover the Healy: Don't Miss Our Exclusive Black Friday Deal Unveiling Tomorrow!

Discover the Healy: Don't Miss Our Exclusive Black Friday Deal Unveiling Tomorrow!

Have you been thinking of buying a Healy?   If so tomorrow the biggest offer EVER launches for Black Friday!

I have had my Healy for 5 months now and I have found it to be an incredible bit of kit!  So much so that I do not know how to start in explaining how amazing it is! 

I have been using it on my family, and also in my practice with outstanding results for my patients. 

Now for those of you unfamiliar as to what a Healy is, it’s a personal wearable bioresonance device which uses microcurrents to balance the body's energetic field and activate its self-healing capacity - to me this sounded a lot like Homeopathy! 

So when I heard the Healy can scan your energy field to let you know which Homeopathic remedies (plus cell salts and Bach flower remedies) it thinks are the best match and then send you the vibration of these remedies I decided I had to learn more.

I was using the Healy in my practice before I went on maternity leave.  The Healy was bringing up remedies for my patients that I had never heard of and when I looked them up they were absolutely perfect.  

The Healy has the ability to send the frequency of the remedies to the patient via the coil, but I have been using the Healy in a different way.  Once I have completed the consultation and said goodbye to the patient, I then scan the patient with the Healy, with their permission.  It brings up the top 5 most recommended Homeopathic remedies, with statements linked to mental symptoms.  I then look up each remedy in the materia medica and decide which remedy is most fitting to what we have discussed and the totality of symptoms that they are presenting and include this as the weekly remedy of my 8 week prescriptions. 

I started only scanning patents that were particularly difficult for example a suicidal autistic teenager, a child I had been working with a long time with delayed speech, but after such incredible results, I have felt it is a disservice to not scan all my patients,  if the Healy can choose a better remedy than I, then it is in my patients best interest for them to have a scan and see what it brings up.  

I have also found that the Healy brings up mental symptoms that often resonate with my patients and bring up deeper insight to what is going on in the subconscious. 

Healy also has many programs including fitness, wellbeing, mental balance, Hulda Clarke's parasite zapper, beauty programs, sleep programs, pain programs and so much more that I am yet to discover.  It also has a coaching module and aura analysis.


To find out more about the Healy click here to watch a great intro video


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