How to Use Our Order Form

How to Use Our Order Form

The last thing you need after a busy week seeing patients and writing your prescriptions is to have to make your remedies up!  If you are prescribing more with the Human Chemistry method, this becomes even more difficult, as it is difficult to stock all the remedies! 

Let us make this easier for you!!  


Complete the order form, with all your patients details the remedies you would like to give and potencies and we will take care of delivering your prescriptions straight to your patients. 

We have a huge amount of stock, including nearly all the remedies needed to prescribe Human Chemistry prescriptions. 


How to complete the order form...

1. The order form is found in the header of our website. 

2. Fill out your details and your patients. Please make sure you fill out all the fields, there may be a delay if we do not have all the details that we need.

3. Fill out the remedies and potencies that you would like to prescribe stating if you would like a packet, a vial or a liquid remedies dispensed. 

4. We will then send an invoice to your patient and start preparing their order.

5. As soon as payment is received, your prescription is sent straight to your patient. 


 Leaving you more time to 'see more patients,'


Access the order form here 


Let us know your needs, some homeopaths are finding it easier to email their patients prescriptions straight to us, or get their patients to create an account themselves.  We are here to make life easier, let us know how we can help!



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