Pailin Brzeski Beautiful Posts Describing Lesser Known Remedies

Pailin Brzeski Beautiful Posts Describing Lesser Known Remedies

Pailin Brzeski creates the most beautiful, informative posts describing some lesser known and new remedies.  We have included a few of our favourites here for you to enjoy! 

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This very new remedy is another in a cannon of "new remedies" that speak to the challenges of our times. RAINWATER CHISELHURST is in essence a remedy indicated for the TOXICITY of mind, body and spirit. With many reports of people feeling confused, exhausted, unable to focus, ungrounded after having these new inj*ctions" RAINWATER feels particularly pertinent and a promising addition to our remedial tool kits.
Believed to facilitate the action of other accompanying remedies we have seen some very positive results to date in the usual C and M scales and specifically as LM. Available through Helios and Source, further information will be published in Colin Griffith's New Materia Medica Volume 3, if you decide to use this remedy please do feed back your experiences and challenges - as this is how we will be able to expand our understanding and determine the best ways to use it.

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Mnium Hornum

A new addition to our collection of moss remedies is the homeopathic medicine MNIUM HORNUM. Commonly found in damp woodland, along river banks on fallen trees and growing across moist rocks, this luscious little moss comes with surprising indications.
Think on MNIUM where there is CONGESTION and STAGNATION - physically, mentally and emotionally. Chronic catarrhal states and oedema affecting the lungs, sinus, limbs, the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes may arise as the physical expressions of BURIED EMOTIONS, HIDDEN TOXICITY and TRAUMA. The vital system must meter the impact of these forces hence MNIUM becomes a remedy to consider where heart, lung, kidney, bladder and adrenal issues feature.
Look for the alternation of states - from withdrawal and weakness to bouts of urgent surging adrenalin in which the underlying qualities of angst, loss of trust and lack of self confidence are articulated through expressions of OVERWHELM, STRUGGLE and DESPAIR.
This is a remedy to instil COMFORT and HEALING. A wound salve, from recent or historic INJURY particularly to the head and where an origin of wounding has given rise to stagnation. When this quality of stuckness has become so deeply embedded on the person’s being that the capacity to TRANSITION through life’s path is inhibited by anxiety, fear and grief including the transition at the end of one’s life - think on MNIUM.

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Thymus Gland 

The THYMUS GLAND is an integral part of the adaptive immune system, the place in which T-cells mature in readiness for protecting the body against the opportune attack of “foreign invaders”. As a homeopathic remedy supporting the THYMUS GLAND becomes essential in immune conditions that may have arisen since infection, toxic injury both medical or other and is a remedy pivotal in autoimmune disease. THYMUS GLAND has an extraordinary field-of-action, working well beyond the body’s biochemistry and with great depth, in to the energetic space of pain and trauma. This remedy is considered as being “a key” with the capacity to unlock the darkness held within the system, often as a result of an accumulation of transgenerational trauma.

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Homeopathic Bone Marrow - Medullosseinum

Sharing information on remedies is one of the most inspiring aspects of homeopathy. I have mentioned my preference towards tautopathic treatment previously, the use of homeopathics made from drugs and toxins. The use of sarcodes (remedies made from healthy tissue products or secretions) form another pillar in my practice. BONE MARROW is a treasured remedy and one that I utilise with increasing frequency. I believe that this remedy has great significance in our times and particularly when it comes to the effects of V's. This sarcode is not one for the home-prescriber however provides an insight in to the vast array of tools that we as homeopathic practitioners have to help and heal.

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Spectrum (Rainbow)

Dis-ease is an internal experience, an ill-at-easeness within ourselves that is inherently energetic in nature. When this state is left unaddressed, unintegrated and unresolved, the patterns of dis-ease impress themselves in to the cells and the tissues - resulting in symptoms and eventually illness. You may be familiar with our plant, animal and mineral remedies however homeopathy extends beyond this to the realm of the imponderables, these are homeopathics that include medicines made from light, sound and radiation.

SPECTRUM is one such imponderable remedy, made from sunlight being shone through a prism in to pure ethanol for a period of hours and made in the usual pharmacological way. In SPECTRUM we have a profoundly purifying and cleansing remedy with very practical and direct effects on the system. Think on SPECTRUM as augmenting and clarifying the fluid systems of the body - its downward moving energy promotes grounding while importantly re-establishing a healthy flow of cerebrospinal fluid the benefits of which are experienced throughout the entire being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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