The Endometriosis Nosode

The Endometriosis Nosode

The amazing Endometriosis Nosode!

I thought I would share my amazing results with the Endometriosis Nosode.

I have been giving the Endometriosis Nosode now for over a year to my endometriosis patients as a course over 8 weeks and in all patients, the pain has significantly decreased or completely gone!

My fertility patient reported that she had no pain during her last period, it was like a normal day.  This patient had had severe pain since her periods started!

This is an amazing result and I wanted to share this with you in case you did not know this remedy was available.
It is extremely difficult to get a diagnosis for endometriosis, it takes on average 8 years and only after a laparoscopy will a diagnosis be given.  By this point the endometriosis would have to be severe, and milder forms of endometriosis can be just as debilitating.
I think that endometriosis is mostly undiagnosed and that if your patient is presenting with severe pain during menses that causes her to reach for painkillers or not be able to take part in her daily activities, then endometriosis should be considered and it is worth giving the endometriosis nosode as a course.  

As always stick to the hierarchy, detox steroids, antibiotics, and contraceptives - the endometriosis nosode can be included alongside any of these courses.

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