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Homeopathy Heals Flu Kit


To accompany Lisa Strbac's course 'Homeopathy for Flu Season'


To purchase Lisa's course click here 


Kit contains

15 remedies in a navy pouch.

2g Vials containing approximately 75, 2.5mm organic sucrose pillules.



Arsenicum 30C 

Ant Tart 30C 

Arnica 30C

Belladonna 30C

Bryonia 30C 

Carbo Veg 30C

China 30C 

Eupatorium 30C 

Ferrum Phos 30C

Flu Spray 30C 

Gelsemium 30C

Influenzinum 200C

Ipecac 30C

Oscillococcinum 200C

Phosphorus 30C


Lisa Strbac offers incredible courses to help you learn how to prescribe homeopathy at home - to see the range click here 


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