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Homeopathy Heals Mega Kit


The Mega Kit: 90 Remedies, Curated in Alignment with Lisa Strbac's Bestseller 


Introducing the Mega Kit from Stellar, a comprehensive homeopathy collection curated to align with Lisa Strbac's acclaimed book, "A Homeopath in Your Hand."

This extraordinary kit stands out as one of the most extensive homeopathy home kits available, comprising a total of 90 remedies. Specifically designed for home use, it empowers individuals to address everyday acute health conditions safely, naturally, and without any side effects—making it a versatile solution suitable for pregnancy and newborn care.


Key features of the Mega Kit include:


  • 90 Remedies in a Plastic Box: Each remedy is meticulously packaged in a 2g glass bottle, providing approximately 75 doses of 2.5mm organic sucrose pillules—free from lactose or dairy. Refills are readily available.

  • Comprehensive Contents: The kit encompasses not only the most commonly needed single remedies but also eight combination remedies tailored to address symptoms such as fevers, inflammation, infections, post-surgery healing, acute anxiety, coughs, colds, and flu symptoms.

  • Nosodes: The inclusion of three essential nosodes—Streptococcus, Candida, and Tuberculinum—adds a valuable dimension to the kit's versatility.

  • Cell Salts: Enhancing its therapeutic range, the kit features four essential cell salts—Mag Phos, Calc Phos, Ferrum Phos, and Kali Phos.



Aconite 30
Aconite 200
Aecsulus 30
Allium Cepa 30
Ambra Grisea 30
Anacardium 30
Ant Tart 30
Apis 30
Arg Nit 30
Arnica 30
Arnica 200
Arsenicum 30
Belladonna 30
Belladonna 200
Bellis Perennis 30
Bryonia 30
Calc Carb 30
Calc Phos 30
Calc Phos 12x
Calendula 30
Candida 30
Cantharis 30
Capsicum 30
Carbo veg 30
Caulophyllum 30
Causticum 30
Chamomilla 30
Chamomilla 200
Cheldionium 6
China 30
Cimifiuga 30
Cina 30
Cocculus 30
Colocynthis 30
Dolichos 30
Drosera 30
Eupatorium 30
Euphrasia 30
Ferrum Phos 30
Ferrum Phos 6x
Gelsemium 30
Hepar Sulph 30
Histaminum 12
Hypericum 30
Ignatia 30
Ipecac 30
Kali Bich 30
Kali Carb 30
Kali Phos 30
Kali Phos 6x
Lachesis 30
Ledum 30
Lycopodium 30
Mag phos 30
Mag Phos 6x
Merc 30c
Mixed Pollens 12
Nat Mur 30
Nux Vom 30
Opium 30
Phos Ac 30
Phosphorus 30
Phytolacca 30
Pulsatilla 30
Rhus Tox 30
Ruta 30
Sabadilla 30
Secale 30
Sepia 30
Silica 30
Spongia 30
Staphisagria 30
Stramonium 30
Streptococcinum 12
Sulphur 12
Sulphur 30
Thuja 30
Tuberculinum 12
ABC 30
ABC 200
Injury mix - Arnica/ Rhus Tox/ Ruta 30
Injury mix - Arnica/ Rhus Tox/ Ruta 200
MHS - Merc/Silica/Hepar Sulph 30
MHS - Merc/Silica/Hepar Sulph 200
Surgery mix - Arnica/Bell-P/ Calendula/Hypericum/Staph 30
Surgery mix - Arnica/Bell-P/ Calendula/Hypericum/Staph 200
Narayani Calming pills 30
Narayani Coughs, chest, asthma 30
Narayani Drawing mix 6x
Narayani war mix 1m

 Not got Lisa's book?  Have it delivered with your kit, choose the add the book option.

Lisa Strbac offers incredible courses to help you learn how to prescribe homeopathy at home - to see the range click here


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