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 Tissue Salt Kit


To accompany Lisa Strbac's Bestselling Book


Schuessler's Tissue Salts Rediscovered: The 21st Century Guide to Self-Healing


Key features of the Tissue Salt Kit include:

  • 12 Remedies in a Wooden Box: Each remedy is meticulously packaged in a 15g childproof glass bottle with 2.5 mm organic sucrose pillules.

Remedies included in the kit all in 6X potency. 

Calc Fluor

Calc Phos

Calc Sulph

Ferrum Phos 

Kali Mur 

Kali Phos 

Kali Sulph

Mag Phos 

Nat Mur

Nat Phos 

Nat Sulph 



 Not got Lisa's book?  Have it delivered with your kit, choose the add the book option.

Lisa Strbac offers incredible courses to help you learn how to prescribe homeopathy at home - to see the range click here


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