Upcoming Human Chemistry Seminars

Upcoming Human Chemistry Seminars

A message from Roger Savage


Greetings to you all!

In the Northern Hemisphere we’re into the later summer and gradually coming to the end of the summer break. In the Southern Hemisphere your winter is beginning to get a bit lighter!

In any case, in only THREE weeks have our first two webinars of the second part of the year.

I’ve attached the year’s programme, and you’ll see that on 31st August it’s a Q&A day, and on 1st September a chance to offer any cases for help where you’ve already given at least one prescription.

Please send me your questions and cases as soon as possible!

Just two things: Ton will only answer questions from those of you who are present so he can discuss your question with you; when you send in your question(s) please remind me of your time-zone, as this will help me to choose the right time for you to ask your question.

And – on 1st September we shall be including the Foundation-level students so that Friday could be a Q&A opportunity for the Foundation folk as well as for case support for anyone…

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Human Chemistry Course Dates


Please email tonjansenseminars@rogersavage.uk for more information

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