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Homeopathy Heals Homeopathic Starter Kit


25 remedies


Organic Sucrose pillules.


Pill Size 2.5mm - approx 75 pillules per 2 dram vial.


Comes with a beautiful 60-page e-book written by Lisa Strbac on acute prescribing and materia medica for each of the remedies, giving a complete understanding of how to use this kit.


Aconite 30
Apis 30
Arnica 200
Arsenicum 30
Belladonna 30
Bryonia 30
Cantharis 30
Carbo veg 30
Chamomilla 30
Cocculus 30
Ferrum Phos 30
Gelsemium 30
Histaminum 12
Ledum 30
Mag phos 30
Merc 30
Narayani Calming pills 30
Narayani Coughs, chest, asthma 30
Narayani Drawing mix 6x
Narayani war mix 1m
Nat Mur 30
Nux Vom 30
Pulsatilla 30
Rhus Tox 30
Staphisagria 30



Lisa Strbac offers incredible courses to help you learn how to prescribe homeopathy at home - to see the range click here


Due to huge demand, dispatch time 1-2 weeks.

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